The genesis of this BLOG … The power of BRAND

World Two Dot Zero

It is said that the brand is everything today. If you can have a brand, a trend mark in any of the “real” fields, then you are a step ahead  the competition and you are about to assert yourself. Brand is synonymous of quality, reliability, trend. It becomes “the status” that goes beyond the actual needs of each individual and community itself.
Internet is a direct, although not concrete, expression of our society, that follows a lot the “brand”, primarily because the cyberspace (web) is characterized by an excess of information, a very high level of entropy only partially solved by search engines and secondly because, do not forget it, web is always a direct expression of man’s needs that dominate our society, therefore an indirect mirror of trends.
Even this blog has its own brand, a clear one, simple, in line with the SEO Marketing strategies with the very intent to spread and exploit contents contained in this blog.
Doesn’t matter if the terms used are “world” “two point zero” or “2.0″, this rises from a keen attention paid  to the new network,  a new way of being and doing web.
In technical-informatics terms, the software’s numeration correspond to its evolution, version 0.1 or 0.2 are experimental versions still incomplete. The first complete version placed on  market is 1.0, afterwards when a version reaches a first stage of maturation, it is released to 2.0.
Web 2.0 is therefore the mature version, social and global, of the primal and elementary web.
So being today “Worldtwodotzero”, means paying attention to change and innovation, especially from the point of view of technology and virtual use. I seriously started to think that, in this time of change, each element of technological innovation was doomed to become old fashioned and that the real goal of my analysis had to be the network global impact on our society and world.
The world is changing, it is not the same anymore, it is taking a historic transition.
The former world, the world 1.0, does not exist anymore and a New World is stepping forward, the World 2.0.


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