The Google Doodle

The Google Doodle is one of the Internet symbols seen online every day by hundreds of millions of people; it is a real icon of our time, the emblem of a different way of communication, of providing information, of highlighting or reminding something.

But why do we like Google Doodle so much? 

First of all because it is simple; it is an image of well-defined size, never excessive, always introduced into the same context, placed on the same spot and on the same white page; simple and at the same time efficient.

Its sound, in complete harmony with the main brand “Google”, and its literally meaning,  make the doodle rather informal, contemporary and  close to the new way of doing network.


The more we use Google the better we understand its interface, its instructions for use minimalist and intuitive; it doesn’t represent point of departure, in terms of communication, of interaction visual or technological, but a point of arrival.

Year after year Portals, Social networks, Apps and Blogs follow a process of simplification aimed at usability, with the intent to provide more and more information, services, multimedia contents and so on, and at the same time, with the purpose to get easier and easier to use. Step by step they get closer to “that white page”, now so familiar but not too long ago the one that seemed to us almost empty.

Google is a global search engine, but above all, remains the Forerunner in terms of simplicity of use and visual impact.

Strangely enough we also like Google Doodle for the opposite reason, on an extremely white page it represents a touch of color, an element of highest standards, pleasant and never too excessive, that renews the page and catch our attention diverting it from the main objective which is searching something online.

It is the antagonist of the mono search field. 

The Doodle is the yin in complete, chromatic and functional, opposition to the yang of Google. It has the difficult task of minimizing the role of the mono search field, the real web’s “center” and the binder of thought.


We like even more Google Doodle because it doesn’t have direct and explicit promotional purposes (except to remind us the fact that we are on Google, but we already know this). Is no small thing in a world, real and virtual, swamped with banners, messages and advertising spots.

The Google Doodle reminds us birthday anniversaries of eminent people who give value to science, community, culture, human rights and so on. It reminds us recent and less recent events, holidays, anniversaries… It is a “bridge”, a “clasp” with the past and traditions.

If older people remember, the young people and the very young ones, attracted to the image and its colors like bears to honey, may discover some interesting character or event of the past and casually learn something.

But the real reason why we like Google Doodle “so much” is the fact that it has no borders, just the way internet is transnational, shows-and-tells “a little bit of everything”. At a time when in the real world the right of citizenship stands above the human and asylum rights, the Google Doodle tells us situations and events which often go beyond our “virtual” geographical boundaries.

Furthermore, for those who do not know, Google provides an archive of Doodle available at the following address: 

To older people it may seem impossible, but in a few decades the archive of Google Doodle will be seen as an archive of memory, a database of Remembrance, an element of nations’ union which goes beyond the borders.

Are we going too far? Maybe, but if we try to imagine a world where everyone is connected to the network, it isn’t difficult to imagine the next step, and that is hypothesizing where the knowledge will  be stored, and how the new generations  shall refer to this source of knowledge. We challenge you to think to a different place other than Google or its natural evolution where to place our past, events, anniversaries, the eminent people and so on…

What is missing? A Doodle dedicated to Worldtwodotzero. We are certain that Google, after having read and appreciate this wonderful article, will decide to dedicate a Doodle to Worldtwodotzero, to the fact that we mention internet without any commercial purposes. You think it won’t happen?  It doesn’t matter, we like Google Doodle anyway.



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