Web has changed the World


We begin this article by stating an indisputable evidence: the web has changed the world. To be more specific, the web has certainly participated in spreading and amplifying the social, political and economic changes during the last five years. In other words, we can say the Web has changed the world which in turn has changed the way of doing web. Network can be criticized on many fronts, but under no circumstances for receptivity or responsiveness.
At some point, in the twentieth century, some intellectuals affirmed that modern era was about to plunge into an obvious crisis, announcing social decline of principles and processes relative to Capitalism, more precisely, were questioned both rational and objective ways that characterized linearly the true or presumed evolution of society through its main social models.
As web’s craftsman and spectator of the two realities that involve me, both real and virtual, I hardly come up against the delicate area of definitions and concepts.
I am not a “philosopher” or a “web commentator”, but from my own experience of creator of a few dozen of web portals, as well as my indisputable excess of pragmatism and devotion towards  technology, I allow myself to analyze these new social dynamics from a new and different point of view. Or at least I hope so.
If it is true that the “modern” world is divided in real and virtual, perhaps even the very idea that there is a “post-modernism” may be considered old-fashioned. Perhaps we stepped in the web’s ‘era’  without even noticing, ‘an era’ so different from the modern one by synergy, as much as by creativity, dynamics and recent postmodern era, all in all characterized by the presence of two social contexts, the real one and the virtual one, both equally crowded and important.
To summarize, the web has changed the world, everything has changed and the little that has not changed, it is changing while I’m writing.
Just live with it, we are in a new era, the fire was rediscovered and nothing will be the same again.


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